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GOICA Review - Chicken Wiggle
Games Only I Care About REVIEW!: Chicken Wiggle
                Well howdy there, libraries and hotels! And welcome to yet another Games Only I Care About review! In this sporadic subseries of already erratic articles, we take a look at recent(ish) games that are off the beaten path or obscure. And instead of analyzing them, I convince you to part with your hard-earned cash and purchase them at absolutely no benefit to myself.
                Today, we’ll be taking a look at Chicken Wiggle, a 2D platformer released exclusively on the 3DS eShop by a developer known as Atooi. You may not know their name, but if you’re a Nintendo fan, there’s a decent chance you know their games—Atooi is the latest project of one Jools Watsham, formerly of Renegade Kid, and the man behind such
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Games Only I Care About - The Legendary Starfy
Games Only I Care About: The Legendary Starfy
                Salutations, pullets and cockrels, and welcome to yet another installment in this surreally persistent… okay, I can’t keep this up any more. It’s pretty obvious by this point that I’m actually getting a lot of kicks out of writing these semi-regular video game articles. It’s a good outlet for my creative energies, it lets me shout into the void about the video games I’ve recently played, and the small handful of non-me people who have read these actually give me good incentive to continue. So—thank you! And for the foreseeable future, let us just say:
                Welcome to GAMES ONLY I CARE ABOUT, the series where we examine various obscure games and gaming topics because of their relevance to me
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Games Only I Care About Review - Mononoke Forest
Games Only I Care About REVIEW! – Mononoke Forest
                Greetings, crinoids and poriferans, and welcome to a special quick ‘n’ speedy installment of GAMES ONLY I CARE ABOUT! Normally, in this sporadic series on gaming ephemera, we focus on older, slightly off-the-beaten-path games because, well… I like them and think they’re interesting. But we’re doing something a little bit different this time! Instead of the longer breakdowns full of personal asides that I usually do, I’ll instead be doing a shorter review of a recent game. But this is still Games Only I Care About, so you can bet your britches it’ll be one you’ve never ever heard of before.
                Why? Because as a hobbyist reviewer, I only have to write about games I ac
:iconfreezair:Freezair 1 2
Yoshi's Story Thing: Page 3 - Part 2
Level 3-3: Poochy and Nippy
                You might think there’s nowhere to go but down after that nostalgiaruption, but this level’s pretty great too.
                I feel like it goes without saying at this point that I wasn’t very skilled at video games as a child. But I need to reiterate that bit here, because it’s crucial to understanding my relationship with this level. For at least a year after I first played the game, Cloud Cruising and The Tall Tower were the only levels in Page 3 for me. It may as well have just been The Tall Tower for all I cared about poor, neglected 3-1. I was really, truly terrible about collecting Hearts, especially in Page 2, what with its confusing level layouts and miniboss-locked pickups. So for twelve long months—an eon
:iconfreezair:Freezair 1 0
Yoshi's Story Thing: Page 3 - Part 1
Level 3-1: Cloud Climb
                Of all the pages in the game, I’ve always thought that Summit had the strangest name. “Summit” is such a curiously specific word, and it would seem to describe a part of the world rather than the overall theme of the page. Wouldn’t “Mountain” fit the biome-slash-part-of-a-story naming theme of the other pages better? “Peaks,” perhaps? Heck, you could even go with “Clouds” in a pinch. This page contains two sky-themed and two mountain-themed levels, so either would fit—though I suppose that could be why they went with such a particular yet untelling name. It might also be due to the fact that, as the midway point, each level in this page ends with a boss battle.
:iconfreezair:Freezair 1 4
Yooka-Glowy by Freezair Yooka-Glowy :iconfreezair:Freezair 15 5
Yoshi's Story Thing: Page 2 - Part 2
Level 2-3: Jelly Pipe
                Did you know that sewage systems are naturally occurring? Because I can’t think of any other reason that there would be a massive network of pipes and aqueducts beneath Yoshi’s Island. I’ve certainly never seen a toilet in a Yoshi house, let alone any other indoor plumbing. Then again, this is the Mario universe, where parti-colored pipework is a regular landscape feature, so maybe I’m more right than I know. It’s probably a good thing, then, that the baby Yoshis’ third and fourth underground excursions take place inside a giant drainage system; it properly prepares them for their future as part of the Mushroom Kingdom’s plumbing-centric lifestyle.
:iconfreezair:Freezair 1 4
GOICA - Top 10 Series w/ Favorite Monster Designs
Games Only I Care About: My Top 10 Favorite Monster-Raising Series by Monster Design 
Greetings, one and… well, one, if we’re being totally honest with ourselves. And welcome to yet another edition of Games Only I Care About! For those of you just tuning in, this is the bafflingly persistent series where I, your host, Freezair, ramble on at length about video games that have great personal meaning to me. 
And also for those of you just tuning in, sweet Christ on a pogo stick, do I love monster-raising games. Fewer things in this world will make we go from “zero” to “hype” faster than the presence of catchable and raiseable monster companions in a series. I don’t think it’s any stretch to call them my favorite subgenre of RPG, and even the terrible ones tend to wring at least 30 to 40 hours of gameplay out of me. There’s a lot of reasons I love them: The high levels of customization, the interesting strategy y
:iconfreezair:Freezair 1 2
Brick Sprites - Loover by Freezair Brick Sprites - Loover :iconfreezair:Freezair 3 1
Yoshi's Story Thing - Page 2: Cavern - Part 1
Level 2-1: Bone Dragon Pit
                Welcome to the Underground, baby.
                In the grand scheme of things, Bone Dragon Pit may be my second-most-frequently-played level in the game, at least in when I’ve played through the whole game. It makes a measure of sense; a kid who’s lousy at video games and who doesn’t pick up many Special Hearts is only going to be able to select one or two levels when they make it to the next world. In good ol’ Treasure Hunt, I did usually manage to find at least one heart, so I typically had this and 2-2, Blargg’s Boiler, to choose from. And Blargg’s Boiler was scary, so Bone Dragons it was. I can’t say I remember dying much on these levels, but I remember many an adventure ending a
:iconfreezair:Freezair 1 3
Moco Moco Friends - Nocwitch Sculpey Magnet by Freezair Moco Moco Friends - Nocwitch Sculpey Magnet :iconfreezair:Freezair 1 0
Yoshi's Story Thing: Page 1 - Beginning - Part 2
Level 1-3: Rail Lift
                The tide of happy-go-lucky nostalgia had to end eventually.
                Of all the levels on the first page, this is by far my least favorite. In fact, if you asked me to rank all of the levels in the game, this one would probably fall right near the bottom of the list, if not at the nadir. In the grand scheme of things, sure, this level isn’t all that terrible. But compared to the other levels in the first world—including the allegedly more challenging level right after this one—it is, by far, the biggest difficulty spike in the game, both in terms of ways to die and the sheer convolutedness of some of its melons.
                It doesn’t help that,
:iconfreezair:Freezair 0 1
Yoshi's Story Thing: Page 1 - Beginning - Part 1
Level 1-1: Treasure Hunt
                This is it. The big one. Whenever I think of Yoshi’s Story, this is the level my brain turns to. Whenever one of those aesthetic specters passes behind my eyes and I get a whisper of that Yoshi’s Story vibe, this is usually the level I’m reminded of. When I get that hankering to pop this game in and gorge myself on fruit, this is the level I think about playing.
                There are 24 levels in Yoshi’s Story, but unlike the other platformers I’d played up until that point, you don’t play through each in succession. Instead, you choose one of the four levels available on each of the six worlds. Of course, you don’t just get to have your pick from any old level without work
:iconfreezair:Freezair 1 2
GOICA: The Intensely Personal Yoshi's Story Thing
Games Only I Care About: The Intensely Personal Yoshi’s Story Retrospective/Dissection (Part 1)
Introduction, or: I Attempt To Encapsulate a Bunch of Vague Feelings About a Game For the Benefit of People Who Aren’t Me
                Hoo boy. This is gonna be a toughie.
                In the popular consciousness, Yoshi’s Story is generally not considered to be a very good game. It’s often regarded as mediocre at best, and an abhorrent blot on the Mario escutcheon at worst; certainly it’s no patch on the venerable Super Nintendo classic Yoshi’s Island. Critics have all manner of dismissals for it: Too easy, too kiddie, too generic, too short. Just play Yoshi’s Island, they say. Or that new Woolly World thing; I hear that’s a goo
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(Mini)Games Only I Care About: Top 10 Minigames
Holy crap! Are we really doing another one of these so soon? Yes, my friends, welcome to yet another (!) edition in that sporadic series where I ramble to no one in particular about my taste in video games. Or... not so much the games themselves this time. For you see! Today, we are taking deep breaths and diving headlong into the world of MINI-GAMES!
Ah, mini-games. I gotta give my props to the first developer who thought to themselves, "Hey, you know what? Developing one game and making sure THAT'S balanced and bug-free and fun is just TOO DARN EASY. You know what I'M gonna do? I'm gonna make another game inside this one!" If I was an educationally-minded author of video game rambles, I might actually look up what game that was and who did it, but NOPE! Without much preamble, we're jumping head-first into talking about my very favoritest minigames of all time. I've always liked minigames; even when they don't offer rewards for beating them (and they often do), they always feel like a
:iconfreezair:Freezair 1 1
Games Only I Care About: Spectrobes: Origins
Games Only I Care About: Spectrobes Origins
                HA! Betcha never thought you’d see one of THESE again, huh? Huh? Well look who’s disappointin’ you by failing to disappoint! Yes, against all odds, welcome, everyone, to the SECOND installment of “Games Only I Care About!” In this thing that’s still a good two installments away from being a series, we take a look at strange, obscure, and exceptionally irrelevant games that, for some strange reason, have nonetheless left a nonzero impact on me. And in all likelihood, me alone. Hi, future me! I hope you’re not too embarrassed by your old writing the next time you’re reading this!
                And speaking of things I love: POKÉMON! Sweet country gravy do I love me some Pokémon. Like many
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